Click on the button below to download the full architecture designs and construction methodology of the Re'ayit Misr ICU field hospital.

We set out four main objectives with the space and construction design of the facility:​

  1. Ergonomically and spatially arranged to manage contagious diseases like COVID-19 in a healthcare facility.

  2. Fast mobilization and construction of facility using prefabricated building systems and materials already available locally.

  3. Develop a modular system that can be scaled and expanded according to demand.

  4. Ensuring the design and construction method is easily accessible and executable for any government agency in any location across the country at any size they find suitable. We set out four main objectives with the space and construction design of the facility.

The architecture/construction design solution we provide in this proposal has a capacity of 192 beds divided into 16 modular wards of 12 beds each. It is designed to suit various stages of treatment plan dealing with COVID-19.


In this proposal, we distributed needs for 156 beds for Intensive Care Treatments in 13 Modular wards, 24 beds for rehabilitation phase of treatment, divided into two modular wards, and 12 beds dedicated to triage for the filtering process of unconfirmed patients.

The facility is designed to have two main wings with a central spine of medical services and operations to serve all wards equally within good proximity. Passageways are intentionally designed to be at 2.80 meters widths for seamless traffic flow within wide spaces due to the contagious nature of COVID-19.


The modular design of the project utilizes standardized caravan sizes with a 3-meter structural grid using 3x3, 3x6, 3x9 and 3x12 standardized caravan modules, which can be opened-up internally allowing for larger spaces when needed. The total built-up area of the 1 story hospital is 3,455 square meters for this proposal but can easily be smaller and larger depending on needs.


The facility is designed to operate as a standalone or as an addition to an existing hospital facing capacity issues.


The design has been revised and approved by health care professionals from Egypt and abroad, including experts with experience fighting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Their input allowed for the hospital’s layout to be as efficient as possible whilst permitting for a crucial level of comfort and safety for both patients and health care professionals, which was the most important objective for this project’s spatial design.

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