Re'ayit Misr Emergency ICU Hospital 

About The Project

Due to the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world and the potential risk of health-care facilities being completely overwhelmed if the spread is not contained, a coalition of experts and professionals from KarmSolar and it's partners decided to take the initiative to design a functional solution for an emergency ICU field hospital.
With our expertise in energy, architecture design and construction, we combined our knowledge to develop the Re'ayit Misr (رعاية مصر) emergency ICU field hospital. A modular pre-fabricated structure that could properly serve the needs of healthcare institutions and patients combating the COVID-19 pandemic, by providing additional ICU capacity while also ensuring that the design accommodates an extremely fast mobilization and installation of the facility cost effectively.
The Re'ayit Misr initiative has published the architecture designs and construction methodology on this website open-source to be accessed by any nation or entity around the world in need of a feasible and rapid solution for temporary additional ICU capacity to care for patients and healthcare professionals combating the spread of COVID-19.
Visit Hospital Designs to view and download all the architecture designs and construction methodology of the Re'ayit Misr emergency ICU field hospital.
Visit  Contact  to get in touch with the team behind the initiative for further technical information on the hospital setup or general inquiry.

The Re'ayit Misr emergency ICU field hospital team is a collaboration of members from KarmSolar, KarmBuild, the 25 January Hospital Foundation with invaluable support provided by experts and organizations in healthcare, architecture, construction, and design from around the world.

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